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5 MHz PC Oscilloscope, 2 Analog Channels

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Key Features
  • Horizontal Sensitivity 200ns/div-10s/div
  • Max Sample Rate 50MSPS
  • Analog Bandwidth 5MHz
  • Analog 2 Channel, 8 bit
  • Sample Depth 1000pts

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MODEL 07649
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Product Overview:

The Oscium - iMSO-204x portable digital oscilloscope is a versatile combination of the following key features, screen capture and email demo mode for all analog models, a cursor measurement that comes with both horizontal and vertical cursors, a reference capture delay mechanism that is always on, and a trigger holdoff period of -99.99s max FFT.
Furthermore, despite its small size, it has a data acquisition ability thanks to a data retrieving software that allows you to measure, record and analyze data in more detail. Consequently, the device’s software - which is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, is able to save and export waveforms through pdf or even email.
Nonetheless, the most important feature in this device lies in its minuteness and lightness, which is in stark contrast with the bulky benchtop oscilloscopes that are commonly found in the market. Indeed, with such a sleek and compact design, technicians can easily fit the iMSO-204x portable oscilloscope in the pocket!
Review of Key specifications
Despite its small size, this does not in any way mean that the Oscium - iMSO-204x portable digital oscilloscope cannot match the capabilities of a big laboratory oscilloscope. As a testament to its high technical prowess is a relatively high magnitude debugging analysis of both digital and analog signals of -0.5v to +7v and -8v to +13v (1x) -40v to +40v (10x) respectively.
In the same vein, it has a wide range of triggering modes that include, Auto, Normal, Single, and Stop mode. Furthermore, the device is able to offer an integrated dual A-B triggering mechanism for both analog and digital signals for both and A and B events. Finally, with an encoding bit times of 4 bits, it can achieve a width triggering polarity of 1000pts, a positive pulse width, a negative pulse width, and a max sample rate 50 MSPS.

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