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200 MHz Oscilloscope, 2 Channel

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Key Features
  • 8.5-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Designed for touch interface
  • Wide range of serial decodes
  • 7-in-1 instrument integration
  • Time/frequency domain correlation

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Product Overview:

The 3000T X-Series has excellent signal integrity including full bandwidth of up to 1 mV/div, as well as the ability to get up to 12-bits of resolution using the high-resolution acquisition mode. In fact, the high-resolution mode allows you to lower your noise while increasing your resolution up to 12-bits, which keeps the noise acceptable at lower volt-per division settings.
Segmented memory comes standard on the 3000T X-Series. Through this technology, the 3000T X-Series allows you to capture longer periods of time at high sample rates. In fact, segmented memory acquisition lets you selectively capture and store important signal activity without capturing unimportant signal idle time. In addition, it provides a time stamp of each segment relative to the first trigger event to enable analysis of the frequency of the event. As a matter of fact, the segmented memory in this device can successfully capture 100 small and large glitch events at 5 GSa/s in 47 seconds, whereas traditional memory architecture would require almost 203 Gpts of memory to accomplish the same result!
Consequently, to manage the deep memory, the device is equipped with a formidable ability to set up specific search criteria and then quickly navigate to “found and marked” events. Indeed, available search criteria include edges, pulse width (time-qualified), rise/fall times (time-qualified), runt pulses (time-and level-qualified), frequency peaks (FFT function, threshold and excursion qualified), and serial bus frames, packets, and errors. Review of Key specifications
The 3000T X-Series supports up to two math functions with an assortment of operators, transforms, filters and visualizations which include; add, subtract, multiply and divide. For filters, we have, Low-pass filter, high-pass filter, averaged value, smoothing and envelope. Other advanced math analysis provided include; differentiate, integrate, FFT (magnitude and phase), Ax + B, squared, square root, absolute value, common logarithm, natural logarithm, exponential as well as base 10 exponential.
Moreover, to easily retrieve measurements, the 3000T X-Series can provide 37 powerful automatic measurements whereby it can display up to 8 of them at a time. These include, Peak-to-peak, maximum, minimum, amplitude, top, base, overshoot, pre-shoot, average- N cycles, average- full screen, DC RMS- N cycles, DC RMS- full screen, AC RMS- N cycles, AC RMS- full screen (standard deviation), ratio- N cycles as well as ratio- full screen.
Finally, given that the device has 7-in-1 integration, this allows new and diverse measurement possibilities. A case in point is the integrated standard 3-digit digital voltmeter which operates through the same probes as the oscilloscope channels. However, the DVM measurements are made independently from the oscilloscope thus ensuring an independent acquisition and triggering system.

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