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14MHz Oscilloscope Current Probe

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sku / item#: 07657

Key Features
  • 500mm, 700mm, 1000mm - longer coils available
  • Socket for external power adaptor
  • Electronics enclosure
  • Output BNC socket
  • Coil cross-section (thickness) 8.5mm max

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Product Overview:

In line with PEM philosophy, the CMC Rogowski probe maintains the usual and consistent recipe of high quality and wide-bandwidth devices, that can provide state-of-the-art, as well as a broad range of applications and problems. To this end, the probes are able to offer predictable frequency response, ideal for power quality measurement or monitoring complex waveforms. Over many years, PEM has developed mathematical models of the Rogowski coil, cable, and integrator, which has allowed them to develop reliable and accurate measurements. As a result, it is immune to DC Currents – meaning that it can measure small AC currents in the presence of a large DC component. Other advantages of the Rogowski technology is the reduction of danger of an open circuit due to galvanic isolation, as well as the ability of taking huge overload currents without damage. Other advantages of the Rogowski coil include, an ability to offer excellent linearity as well as the ability to offer no discontinuities since the coil comes in the form of a closed loop. Review of Key specifications With peak current of 75A, sensitivity of 100mV/A, as well as a time base of 2ms/div, this is how the CMC Rogowski manages to offer low noise integrator design. First, it allows better measurement accuracy of high frequency currents, while enabling a wide dynamic measurement range. Secondly, due to its typical low frequency amplitude response, the device can attenuate any large fundamental frequency currents and magnetic fields, which is made possible by the CMC06 integrator that has a gain of typically -90dB at 50Hz. Consequently, this means that if there is a 100Arms, 50Hz current passing through the coil, the output of the CMC will be <0.2mVrms. Other features include an ability to measure substantially higher voltage which is made possible by the continuous coil voltage that can handle a peak of up to 10kV, as well as a flash testing.

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