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13GHz Low Voltage Differential Probe

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sku / item#: 07994

Key Features
  • Thin and flexible solder tips
  • Lightweight and flexible probe cable
  • Active buffer tip design for low probe loading
  • High bandwidth for signal fidelity
  • Probe and tip specific S-parameters

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Product Overview:

The P7700 Series TriMode probes use the new TekFlex connector technology that combines a high-speed signal path with power and communication support for an active buffer tip in a single, easy to connect accessory connector. Indeed, the TekFlex connector has a pinch-to-open design which when opened, requires minimal force to attach an accessory tip. Conversely, when the TekFlex connector is closed, it provides a secure connection to the accessory to avoid accidental disconnections. Furthermore, with the TekFlex connector, the P7700 series probes offers a set of active probe tips with the probe's buffer amplifier only millimetres from the input connections. Consequently, this means that the short signal path is easily enabled, where the active tips provides high fidelity and a high impedance input. In addition, this configuration also minimizes signal loss, capacitance, and additive noise. Review of Key specifications With a TriMode probing setup, it is ideal for differential, single ended, and common mode measurements. This unique capability allows you to work more effectively and efficiently, switching between differential, single ended, and common mode measurements, without moving the probe's connection points. In addition, with precision engineered tips that are easy to see and position accurately, the P77BRWSR handheld browser accessory enables hand or fixtured probing and is ideal for probing fine pitch components and differential traces with spacing as narrow as 0.2 mm (.008 in). Indeed, the browser tips are constructed of high strength BeCu and super-ceramic resistors. In fact, with 16 GHz bandwidth performance, the P77BRWSR handheld browser accessory enables hand or fixtured probing with signal fidelity and convenience. Consequently, with the P77C292MM adapter attached, a P7700 series probe can provide the DC termination voltage required by HDMI and other high-speed communication standards. To this end, the termination voltage can be set manually or automatically using voltage sense circuitry in the P7700 probe by covering a range of up to ±4 V. In fact, it is for this reason that the P7700 series is ideal for compliance testing of HDMI, automated measurements, and DisplayPort standards.

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